Back Pain Management
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About Us

About Dallas Back Pain Management

Dallas Back Pain Management was established in 2005 as a natural offshoot of Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and highly individualized care to patients suffering with pain. Pain management can be an effective alternative to surgery and is often used as part of an aggressive conservative care program. It may also be prescribed following surgery to help patients cope with lingering or reoccurring pain.

We recognize that untreated pain can be disruptive in nearly every aspect of a patient’s life. Which is why each patient at Dallas Back Pain Management is seen by a board-certified pain physician committed to listening and establishing a one-on-one relationship. From there, we work to provide each patient with a specific plan tailored to his or her needs.

Our goal is to enable people with pain to get back to leading full and rewarding lives.

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