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    November 2012

  • DNS Introduces Four MINI Procedures
    In August, Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine (DNS) introduced four MicroInvasive Neuro Integration (MINI) procedures for the treatment of spine-related pain.
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  • DNS Tops <i>D magazine's</i> "Best Doctors" List
    Each of the five neurosurgeons practicing at Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine were recognized in the 2012 issue of D magazine.
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  • July 2011

  • Dr. Jackson Addresses 2011 AANS Conference
    Richard Jackson, M.D., addressed other members of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons at the 2011 annual conference July 30-31, held in Boston.
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  • December 2010

  • Dr. Desaloms' Keynote Speech Addresses Epilepsy
    Michael Desaloms, M.D., explained the causes and treatment of epilepsy in his keynote speech at the Spring 2010 Texas Health Research & Education Leadership Council Dinner and Program.
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  • July 2010

  • DNS: First to Use BrainSuite&trade; Technology in U.S.
    In 2006, two DNS neurosurgeons, J. Michael Desaloms, M.D. and Richard L. Weiner, M.D., performed the first United States surgical case using BrainSUITE technology at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas' magnetic resonance imaging neurosurgical suite.
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  • Establishing a Spine Center in Saudi Arabia
    Dr. Weiner has led efforts to provide people suffering from from back pain in Saudi Arabia effective treatment of back pain and spinal diseases.
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  • June 2010

  • Peru: Giving and Getting Back Even More
    Surgeons from DNS recently traveled to Peru to participate in a surgical mission trip.
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