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Back Pain Exercise: Online Resources That Can Help

Most exercises designed to reduce low back pain are relatively simple.

Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine (DNS) treats a broad range of back and neck conditions using everything from the latest techniques in minimally invasive surgeries to innovative, state-of-the-art technologies and procedures.

However, patients who need this level of treatment are the exception.

“At DNS, the vast majority of people who come to us with back or neck pain do not need surgery. Most can be treated conservatively,” said Dr. Jon Krumerman, a neurosurgeon with DNS. “And a regular exercise program can often be a big part of the solution.”

“I think it’s important to remember that in most cases, exercise and staying active can relieve low back pain,” said Dr. Abbey Ghermay. Dr. Ghermay is a pain management specialist focused on noninvasive approaches and heads Dallas Back Pain Management. “Most exercises designed to reduce low back pain are relatively simple. They can be done at home and don’t require special equipment,” he added.

“Stretching and strengthening your back and leg muscles helps make them less susceptible to injury that can cause or lead to back pain,” Dr. Krumerman said. “The stronger the muscle, the more it can take some of the load off of the spinal discs.”

There are many online sources for exercises to help relieve or prevent back pain. Listed below are two, excellent options:

IDEA Health & Fitness Association: Help For Low-Back Pain
US Library of Medicine Resources: The Patient Education Institute

The above resources are not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Be sure to talk to your health professional before you start any exercise program, and only do exercises that do not increase your symptoms.

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