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How Dr. Jackson Saved My Life

Dr. Richard Jackson and Kim Nixon

I was diagnosed with a meningioma tumor. I live in Alvord, Texas, and got the diagnosis nearby in Decatur.

I was having severe migraines and it had become very painful to sleep at night. I felt a lot of pressure in my head. In fact, every time I stood I had to swallow to pop my ears.

I was also experiencing short-term memory loss and my vision had changed extensively. It was just awful. I knew something was wrong. So I made an appointment, got an MRI and that’s how I found out.

The task at that point was to find to the right doctor. I was referred to Dr. Jackson through a radiologist at Presbyterian — whose stepson happens to be dating my daughter. The radiologist has worked with Dr. Jackson for thirty years. I'd gone to see another doctor but I just didn’t feel comfortable.

The difference with Dr. Jackson was remarkable. My family and I all went to meet with him – we all felt it.

At the time, I had known about the tumor for about two weeks but hadn’t fully absorbed what was going on. Dr. Jackson knew all about this kind of tumor – that it was common and almost always benign. He told us he’d done many meningioma tumor surgeries and not to worry. Everything he said gave me confidence. I never had any question about his ability to take care of me.

He started me on medication for seizure prevention right away. He said he was surprised I wasn’t already having seizures but, again, he knew exactly what to do to protect me.

On the day of the surgery, he came in and gave me enormous comfort. There just can’t be enough said about his ability to know what you need.

The tumor turned out to be the size of a tennis ball! It had actually left an indention in my brain, but he removed it flawlessly. There were no complications.

After surgery, I was in the hospital for a week and he stopped by every morning and every night to make sure I was doing okay, and to see if I had any questions.

About four weeks after I'd returned home, I became concerned about the incision. It was red and a little puffy, so that night I called the answering service.

Dr. Jackson was out of town but he called me within ten minutes and said, "Here’s my cell number, text me a picture of the incision right now.” He makes you feel like you’re his only patient, that he's there for you and that you are the reason he does what he does.

He had me come into the office the following day and scheduled my surgery within the week, to open the incision and clean it out before it became more serious. He started me on antibiotics, which I took for several weeks.

Dr. Jackson had me come in every week to check the sutures. He was out of town one of those times so Stephanie, his PA, had me text pictures daily to ensure it was continuing to heal properly. That level of care is unheard of, but this is how they work as a group to care for their patients.

His entire staff is so wonderful. Daphne – I can’t say enough about her. Mercedes – she was just amazing. They’re all great. Courteous and so professional. I've never been through anything like this but I know having such a great team made all the difference.

Dr. Jackson is very professional and serious; yet after spending so much time with him you truly discover a different side of him that’s much more relaxed and so nice. I know he feels a sense of accomplishment because I’m doing so well. He smiles whenever he sees me and gives me a big hug.

I can’t begin to thank him enough for saving my life. He is truly deserving of every compliment in regard to his being an amazing surgeon.

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