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Minimally Invasive TLIF Testimonials

C. Smith

I would recommend Dr. Desaloms to anyone who wants the best possible evaluation and treatment of their spine conditions.  He is thoughtful, compassionate and incredibly talented.  He performed my minimally invasive TLIF surgery at L-4, L-5, and although I am still going through the normal recovery process from surgery which is not overnight, the pain that I lived with daily from my condition previously is totally gone. One of the things that helped me make my decision to have the surgery was the confidence that Dr. Desaloms brought to his recommendation for the procedure. He went the extra steps in testing to pinpoint the issue and then simply assured me that he could fix it...and he did.

A. Travis

I see Dr. Krumerman at the Denton location and the entire staff is just wonderful. He performed minimally invasive TLIF surgery for the relief of my lumbar spondylolisthesis. A "special word of thanks" doesn't begin to express how I feel about Dr. Krumerman and his group. From the moment I arrived for my first visit, I felt that everyone was there to help me.  I wish I had known about Dr. Krumerman years ago; I could have avoided 10 years of back pain and inferior medical care. There is NOTHING Dr. Krumerman and his staff could do to make me feel more cared for!  

G. Baine

I would definitely recommend your practice to my friends and family. This was my fourth surgery, but my first at Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine. All I can say is that this surgery was the only one that has worked. The whole staff was great, but Dr. Krumerman is the best. I have not been pain free in over 10 years and today I can say that I am. Thank you!

L. Ault

Dr. Taub had me at the first office visit. He sat down and explained everything to me in a manner I could understand. I decided right then he was the doctor I wanted to operate on me. My original doctor (who I haven't even met) decided to send me for a cerebral and spinal angiogram without discussing/explaining anything to me. Dr. Taub personally called me and advised me that it is a high risk procedure that I probably do not need but requested that I send my other MRI's to review with his colleagues. This has fully convinced me as to why I am sticking with Dr. Taub.

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