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Multi-level Decomp Laminectomy Testimonials

Mrs. P.

Good morning! And a good morning it is, for now I am able to return to what may be called a more normal life.

No longer do I have to sit down while preparing the salads and dinner. No longer do I have to walk a few feet and then bend over to alleviate the pain shooting up the backs of my legs and the inside of my left foot. No longer do I have to lean on a grocery cart while shopping. No longer do I have to do many things I did before.

These things are history thanks to the extraordinary surgical skills of Dr. Jon Krumerman and the skilled and varied assistance of his colleagues.

Did I worry about the surgery? No! He had operated on the neck of my neighbor. He had healed my husband's numb toes and leg pain, not by surgery but by recommending physical therapy and injections since he did not need an operation.

All of Dr. Krumerman’s office staff, fellow doctors, surgical helpers and nurses did their jobs well. After surgery, I awoke clear headed and ready to drive home. Oh, well, that was not possible, but I felt I could do it. I had no pain and made it home the next morning. Following directions, I was soon back to a quite normal life. Thanks to all of those who assisted in my pre-op, operation and recovery.

Now, in my new world, I awaken in the morning ready to race through the day getting the necessary things done and still have time to SEIZE THE MOMENT!!

Thanks again, Dr. K.

Mrs. P.

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