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Dr. Jackson Addresses 2011 AANS Conference

“Although neurosurgeons make up a small percentage of physicians across the country, we perform a unique and oftentimes lifesaving surgery to critically ill patients,” Richard Jackson, M.D., of Dallas told his peers at a recent meeting in Boston. “As a result, every neurosurgical practice has both an opportunity and a responsibility to offer more discerning patient populations better and more meaningful choices.” 

Speaking to other members of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons at the 2011 annual conference July 30-31, Dr. Jackson further emphasized that “today’s medical marketplace is more consumer-driven.”  He is president and managing partner of Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine (DNS).

His topic was “How to Build a Practice” within the theme of this year’s meeting, Neurosurgeon as CEO: The Business of Neurosurgery. The focus of the conference was an acknowledgement that neurosurgeons today are also tasked with understanding and managing their practice as an efficiently run business.

The conference was well attended by leading neurosurgeons, administrators and senior managers looking beyond traditional practice boundaries. 

Dr. Jackson also provided specific examples of ways DNS has adapted to the changing medical landscape. "We provide our patients with easy access to the world’s most advanced neurosurgical treatments and procedures, advanced imaging and ongoing neurologic monitoring."

He stressed the importance of DNS doctors and staff understanding each other's personality traits to ensure better communication. “A well-organized and trained office staff can significantly enhance the patient experience.”

“Several years ago, we saw the need to expand our breadth of services to include Dallas Back Pain Management, which provides expert diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment for patients suffering from all types of back pain,” Dr. Jackson explained.  

He also spoke about the practice’s expansion into international neurosurgery and its role in developing relationships with specialty hospitals. “The efficiency and convenience of specialty surgical hospitals has definitely been a success for our patients and their families. These hospitals have very high patient satisfaction ratings, very low complication rates and provide our patients a much more relaxed environment.”

Dr. Jackson served two terms as the Department of Neurosurgery chairman at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas and was the past president of its medical staff. He also served multiple terms as the Southwest Quadrant representative to the Joint Counsel of State Neurosurgical Societies.


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