Telemedicine Services

Because Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine is committed to keeping our patients, staff, and community healthy, we offer telemedicine services to provide you with a viable and safe option to receive quality care.

A virtual visit by telephone/video conference will allow you to access your physician and their team from the comfort and safety of your home.

The following qualify for a telemedicine visit:

  • An appointment to discuss an urgent care need or injury
  • An appointment to discuss chronic or debilitating pain
  • Post-operative appointment not requiring suture removal or diagnostic testing
  • Review or follow-up to discuss diagnostic tests (CT, MRI, EMG, X-ray)
  • Follow-up appointment after a steroid injection, or after completing a regiment of medication or physical   therapy
  • Pre-operative appointments


At the very least, the doctor can get access to your imaging report. Additionally, the doctor has access to the majority of the larger imaging centers so remote access to your actual images is often possible.

Yes, using a video platform like Zoom allows multiple people to be on the telemedicine call simultaneously.

Many insurance companies do. We anticipate the majority of insurance companies will provide for this option in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our office is happy to assess your insurance benefits and answer this question.

For a successful telemedicine experience, please use a smartphone, tablet, or computer with camera/microphone capabilities. Find a quiet or private area to conduct your visit. A strong WiFi connection is recommended if cellular data is not available.

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