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Jerri Unger

Degenerated Disk Disease Patient Story

My pain began with leg cramps in December 2014, and progressively worsened to almost constant pain throughout my right hip and leg. Spondylolisthesis and a degenerated disk were diagnosed through an MRI taken in March 2015, and prescribed pain medications became a part of my day. I had a steroid epidural injection in April and another in early July. The epidurals helped for a little bit at first but I still experienced intense pain, primarily during the night. After the selective nerve root block injection in late July was not successful I was referred for surgery.

In September 2015, my prayers were answered when the nurse contact through my medical insurance and research helped me find Dr. Krumerman. Dr. Krumerman had already reviewed the MRI when I first met him for a second opinion. He gave me his full attention right from the start. He was patient with me, confident and reassuring in his answers. He understood the diagnosis but wanted to be careful, safe, and sure to see all the issues within my spine, so a Myleogram and neck MRI were scheduled. Dr. Krumerman carefully and meticulously reviewed the Myleogram and MRI and showed me where the nerve actually was pinched in two places! It was amazing and fun to look inside my spine!

Then he walked me through step-by-step what would happen during surgery. Told me everything he’d been thinking about and that it was complicated procedure. He created a feeling of confidence and assurance that the surgery would help relieve some of the pain or even take it all away. He assured me that Nan (his PA) and other highly skilled professionals would team together with him to give me the best possible outcome. And they did!

On November 9, 2015, I had minimally invasive TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion) surgery that lasted five hours. When I woke up from surgery the sciatic pain I had been experiencing was completely gone. I had an amazing feeling of relief! When Dr. Krumerman stopped by my room after the surgery he was absolutely, genuinely happy and joyful at the success of my surgery!

An unexpected bonus! Dr. Krumerman was able to straighten out the slight scoliosis curve at the top of my spine. Before the surgery he was not sure of the possibility because of all the things happening in the lower part of my back. But the opportunity presented itself. And…I am now a quarter of an inch taller!

I think Dr. Krumerman is a remarkable, highly skilled neurosurgeon. He is humble, kind, gentle, caring, encouraging, cheerful, and focused on his patients!

Thank God for Dr. Krumerman and his staff! Thank you Dr. Krumerman! And special thanks to Dr. Krumerman’s staff – Nan (Dr. Krumerman’s PA), Sonja (who scheduled all appointments), Rhiannna, Kim, Demetra – and all his staff who treated me with kindness, compassion, respect, generosity, and supported me throughout the entire process. Nan had my complete trust and showed me exceptional support. She answered every phone call or returned my call very quickly…even during her Thanksgiving vacation.

I was confident to put my trust in Dr. Krumerman! He did not let me down. Dr. Krumerman and his finely tuned team have superior skills!

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