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A farewell to Dr. Richard Jackson.

We are at once delighted and disheartened to announce that Dr. Richard Jackson is retiring. Dr. Jackson has dedicated the last 41 years of his life to providing the highest level of neurosurgery care available. Over that time, more

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Voted Best Doctors 2022 by D Magazine

Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine is fortunate to have been voted Best Doctors for 2022 by D Magazine. Drs. Jeremy Denning, Michael Desaloms, Richard Jackson, Jon Krumerman, Jason Taub, Richard Weiner were all voted best doctors. Thank you to more

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The Truth About Opioid Treatment and Pain

Opioids are powerful painkillers that are used to combat severe and chronic pain because they can be very effective at relieving pain for a short period of time. The word opioid is used to describe any substance – more


Sciatica Case Study

Man 35 years old from Dallas Texas suffering from sciatica This 35-year-old male came to our office in a wheelchair. His sciatic pain was excruciating, from his right buttock through his right leg with numbing into the top more

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Welcome to our new patient focused website!

Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine is one of the leading providers for neurosurgery, pain management, and orthopedic spinal conditions in Texas. Our mission is to provide comprehensive neurology care. We specialize in scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, minimally invasive spine surgery, more

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DNS Neurosurgeons Receive Top Honors

Six Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine neurosurgeons – Drs. Jeremy Denning, Michael Desaloms, Richard Jackson, Jon Krumerman, Jason Taub and Richard Weiner – were recognized as D magazine’s 2021 Best Doctors. Seated left to right: Drs. Jeremy Denning, Michael more