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C. Holland

Dr. Michael Desaloms –

I want to thank you and your office staff for the kind and courteous, all the while professional care, you have provided for my husband.

I never wanted to need to know a top neurosurgeon, but I do now. I didn’t want to understand why one would be in the surgical Brain Suite, but I now do. I’d heard the words Gamma Knife, but didn’t feel the need to understand it any better until August of this year.

The last seven months have been a trying and unique road, every day with new adventures and changes, and challenges. Your willingness, in an unhurried fashion, to answer our questions and your acknowledgement of how I care for my husband are incredible. You have eased the impact of the difficult diagnosis and the changes that has brought about.

Every single person I have encountered in your office is great, they are prompt and  efficient, courteous and caring.

Thank you for your professional skills and your kind and compassionate manner.

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