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R. Beck

Patient was diagnosed with sciatica and lumbar radiculopathy.

Dear Dr. Krumerman,

What a positive experience I had in being under your care. On June 4, 2012 at the Methodist Hospital for Surgery, you did surgery on my back to relieve the constant pain I was having. Sure enough, from the time I took my first walk on the day of the surgery, I have had absolutely no sciatica pain on the left side of my back. I have had so much more energy and it is so wonderful not to have to deal with constant pain any more. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I also have to compliment you on your incredibly efficient and professional staff. It was such a pleasure dealing with such competent individuals. In particular, I would like to thank Sonja for all of her efforts in scheduling, rescheduling and coordinating my appointments, tests, and surgery.

Finally, a special thank you and appreciation to Nan for her ongoing care to this day! She has literally been there for me 24/7. As you are probably aware by now, I have had a few intervening events in recovering from my surgery, to wit: a fractured foot and a trip and stumble in my leg cast. Even so, I have at all times felt that I am receiving the best of care and have felt very confident in following all of Nan’s recommendations and instructions.

I am so looking forward to getting out of the cast, making a full recovery from the surgery and getting back to working out, riding my horse and enjoying a pain-free life.

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