Treatment of back pain is often conservative and limited to anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy.

Persistent back pain, or back pain associated with weakness or radiating pain, may require further intervention. Surgical intervention is often beneficial, but it is necessary in certain conditions only.

Dallas Back Pain Management employs a conservative approach to all back pain patients. 

Physical therapy, along with anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants and medicines that reduce nerve irritation are mainstays of treatment plans and are tailored to a patient’s specific condition.

As the pain subsides, strength exercises for the back and abdominal muscles may be suggested, as well as techniques on improving posture.

Non-Surgical Interventional Treatments

Once the more conservative treatment modalities have been tried and/or the severity of the symptoms requires further intervention, some of the following pain treatments may be appropriate.

Lumbar epidural steroid injections – are employed to treat generalized severe back pain. These may provide transient relief of severe back pain but may also provide prolonged relief depending on the condition being treated.

Nerve root blocks – can be used for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. These involve injection of medication around nerve roots that have been identified as probable causes of pain.

Facet blocks – are often used again for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Facet joints are located within the spine and are often a site of pain as a result of degeneration and injury.







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