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P. Salas

I live in Dallas and am 57 years old. Dr. Ghermay has been treating me since May of this year 2019 and he is the best doctor I’ve I’ve dealt with so far along the way. I have chronic nerve pain in the back of my neck and lower lumbar sciatica and with many nerve issues running down my legs to my feet. I’ve had upper and lower MRIs and upper and lower x rays. My discs and vertebrates aren’t in very good shape however it is clear none are compressing on my spinal cord. I also made sure to get a 2nd opinion on my images but was confirmed none were compressing on my spinal cord. I’ve had every blood test you could ever think of and everything was good. Thank god for no diseases. I also believe I have possibly developed Neuropathy nerve issues which may be what’s causing the burning down my legs to my feet. I am scheduled for nerve conduction tests soon. Never in my younger days did I ever think I would be in this kind of pain when getting older. Dr. Ghermay is so very nice and patient and takes the time to listen to my symptoms. He is very kind and compassionate. He is treating me with lower lumbar back and neck injections and it is relieving my pains. Dr. Ghermay is the best!! He sure knows how to get you out of pain and feeling better that’s for sure. His entire staff from his preparing assistant, injections team and administrative team are awesome. Kay in scheduling is one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. Karen with the injections team is very sweet and a caring person. After all the other specialists I’ve been to along this road and with the negative experiences I’ve had with them, I just feel compelled to take the time to compliment Dr. Ghermay and his team. It is such a relief to finally have someone that helps you and cares and not just trying to hurry the visit to see another patient. I am so thankful!!

I would like to give special thanks to Kay in scheduling. Kay is so sweet!!! She is very detailed and makes everything so easy to understand. Karen is very sweet and a truly caring person. She is just like family. Linda in paramedics team is awesome!!! Always cheerful!!! Jose is very nice and humble. You can ask him anything and he will help you to understand. And Dr. Ghermay is extremely caring!!! He pinpoints the problems and does whatever it takes to get it resolved. I wished he was my doctor for all medical group practices. I am lucky to have Dr. Ghermay as my pain management doctor!

What a great team!

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