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  • How To Fix Your Brain

    Dr. Michael Desaloms has been performing Deep Brain Stimulation for 20 years. It is being used in novel ways to treat a whole host of brain dysfunctions, dramatically increasing the quality of life for his patients.

  • Staying Informed: Questions Welcomed Here

    Patients are used to answering their doctor’s questions but are often hesitant to ask any of their own. At DNS, we believe that questions can lead to more informed discussions and smarter decisions.

  • DNS Neurosurgeons Receive Top Honors

    Five DNS neurosurgeons – Drs. Denning, Desaloms, Jackson, Krumerman and Weiner – were recognized as D magazine’s 2016 Best Doctors. And the sixth – Dr. Taub – was recognized by Texas Monthly as a Texas Rising Star.

  • Things to Know About Our Practice

    Our approach is to always perform the least invasive, most effective procedure available, specifically tailored for each patient. We routinely recommend that any surgical option only be considered after all non-operative treatments have been exhausted.

  • The MINI Procedures for Spine-Related Pain

    Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine has pioneered four MicroInvasive Neuro Integration™ (MINI) procedures for the treatment of spine-related pain. Each MINI procedure combines the latest in innovative microsurgical instrumentation with years of diagnostic excellence and surgical experience.

  • Thoughts on Chiari Malformation Surgery

    Not everyone with Chiari Malformation requires surgery, but when a patient’s individual circumstances warrant it, we recommend decompression surgery – clinically known as a decompressive suboccipital craniectomy and cervical laminectomy.

  • The Truth About Laser Spine Surgery

    Perhaps no technology has captured the public’s imagination more than the laser. However, some surgeons and non-surgeons are aggressively marketing “laser spine surgery” despite the fact there is a critical lack of medical data in support of the surgical reliability and safety of the techniques.

  • BrainSUITE™

      BrainSUITE technology helps to optimize brain surgery by combining image-guided surgery, high-field magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) within the operating […]


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