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How To Fix Your Brain

In 2017, Kathy Smith, a traveling nurse with Klarus Home Care, started seeing a neurologist at the North Texas Movement Disorders Institute in Bedford. It was there that Dr. Madhavi Thomas identified that Smith might do well with more

Health Tips

Staying Informed: Questions Welcomed Here

Patients are used to answering their doctor’s questions but are often hesitant to ask any of their own. At DNS, we believe that questions can lead to more informed discussions and smarter decisions. That’s why we do everything more

Practice News

Things to Know About Our Practice

The neurosurgical specialists at Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine have more than 80 years of cumulative diagnostic and surgical experience. Each year, we treat nearly 6,000 patients making us among the most experienced neurosurgeons in the country. The DNS philosophy begins more

Spine Surgery

The MINI Procedures for Spine-Related Pain

Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine (DNS) pioneered four MicroInvasive Neuro Integration™ (MINI) procedures for the treatment of spine-related pain. Each MINI procedure combines the latest in innovative microsurgical instrumentation with years of diagnostic excellence and surgical experience of DNS more

Chiari Malformation

Thoughts on Chiari Malformation Surgery

Not everyone with Chiari Malformation requires surgery, but when a patient’s individual circumstances warrant it, we recommend decompression surgery – clinically known as a decompressive suboccipital craniectomy and cervical laminectomy. The goal of the procedure is to significantly more

Spine Surgery

The Truth About Laser Spine Surgery

Perhaps no technology has captured the public’s imagination more than the laser. The laser has helped empower and advance many fields of study, including a few areas of medicine. Some surgeons and non-surgeons have been aggressively marketing “laser more