The MINI Procedures for Spine-Related Pain

Posted on: February 1st, 2021 by Our Team

Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine (DNS) pioneered four MicroInvasive Neuro Integration™ (MINI) procedures for the treatment of spine-related pain. Each MINI procedure combines the latest in innovative microsurgical instrumentation with years of diagnostic excellence and surgical experience of DNS neurosurgeons.

“MINI procedures can effectively treat a broad range of degenerative spinal problems including most forms of disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spinal instability or deformity and most spinal tumors,” explained Dr. Krumerman.

“As the name suggests, each MINI procedure is performed through a remarkably small incision,” Dr. Jackson added. “While the incision varies between MINI procedures, most are no greater than the diameter of a dime.”

The neurosurgical specialists at Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine have eighty years of cumulative diagnostic and surgical experience. Each year, they treat nearly 6,000 patients making them among the most experienced neurosurgeons in the country.

“Our philosophy has always been to perform the least invasive, most effective procedure available,” Dr. Desaloms said. “It’s why the MINI procedures were created. Still, our conservative approach means that any surgical option is considered only after all non-operative treatments have been exhausted.”

If surgery is recommended, MINI procedures can offer micro invasive alternatives that equal or better traditional surgical outcomes. One procedure called the MINI Disc, is a smarter alternative to what has become a highly-marketed, newer procedure called laser spine surgery. Laser spine surgery involves the insertion of a fiberoptic endoscope into the spinal canal through small openings in the sacrum and vaporizing disc protrusions.

“Laser spine surgery is actually quite limited in the kinds of disc herniation it can properly treat,” Dr. Weiner said. “The MINI Disc can treat most forms of disc herniation – an extruded or even sequestered disc can be repaired. And extraneous material is more effectively seen and removed through the MINI approach.”

“As a result,” Dr. Denning added, “the MINI Disc often offers a greater likelihood of complete or longer-term pain relief.”

To find out if a MINI procedure might be right for you, we encourage you to call 214-750-3646 to set up an appointment.

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